News and Updates- 2013

SAFARI 6.1 and 7
The upload issue described below (06-Nov-13) can be solved by adjusting the new setting within Safari. You can allow Java plugin to work in Unsafe mode either for individual websites or for all sites. In Unsafe mode the applets will have unrestricted access to local file system. This setting is available through Safari preferences / Security tab / Internet plugins: manage website settings (then select Java plugin ) and allow it to work in Unsafe mode,
SAFARI 6.1 and 7 Mac Issues
There is an issue with the upload applet when used with these versions of Safari. the error manifests itself when you try and browse the Mac to choose the images to upload. The browse window will not let you change directories. Until Apple correct this issue, the best solution is to download the Firefox browser and use this to upload.
JAVA V1.7-21 Release
The new release of Java Version 7 - 21 was causing problems when uploading. It succeeded in uploading the large images but not the thumbnails. This issue has been corrected with an amendment to the uload routine. However this may cause issues if you are on the older versions of Java. As Java V1.7-21 Java release was released by Oracle to close a security loophole and it is important to move up to this release. If you do have any issues after moving forward please let us know immediatley. If you are not sure which version you are on here is a link to the official Java website that will check for you.
Finally ! We have just release a new website in the self maintainable website section. It allows you to add social media and professional membership links and has a dynamic front page that changes each time it is visited. We have produced a working example, to see it just Click Here
A new facility has been added that allows you to upload multiple sub-albums all associated with one event. When a visitor chooses one of these albums on your clients page they are given a list of the sub-albums that you have uploaded. It means they do not have to search through irrelevant photographs to find the ones that they want
The album thumbnails have been enhanced with a contemporary rounded frame that changes colour as the visitor moves the curser across the thumbnail.