News and Updates- 2012

A new version of the image uploader has been installed. It is a little more informative about the progress as it uploads your images. It also has a new button on the top bar. This allows you to choose the image view, either Tree, Table or Thumbnails.
The free delivery pickup/electronic order option has been moved down onto individual Albums instead of the current position where it was applied across the board. This is to allow more flexibility at the album level
Today we have released a new upload Java Applet. It not only solves the Java problem as it will work on all the versions currently released. It also has more functionality than its predecessor as it allows you to view, turn and crop images within the applet. It is also more capable of uploading large albums and we have tested it on albums up to 3000 images without experiencing any problems. We have done our best to ensure the applet works on all browsers and computers but as you will appreciate there are many combinations out there and if you do find any issues please let us know the details. We have also introduced a new option at the bottom of the Album upload information form that allows you to save the optional Album information. This is then used as the defaults on subsequent uploads until you decide to re-save. This should make it easier to upload albums with the confidence that you are being consistent.
This is an information update on the Upload error problem. It has now been determined that the problem is definitely a bug in the latest release of Java. I am currently testing a new version of the upload module that corrects the issue. It is expected that this new module will be released in the middle of next week.
A new facility has been added that allows you to upload multiple sub-albums all associated with one event. When a visitor chooses one of these albums on your clients page they are given a list of the sub-albums that you have uploaded. It means they do not have to search through irrelevant photographs to find the ones that they want.
The new version 7 of Java is causing the upload program to incorrectly report an error. The message "Error Click for details" is displayed. This problem will only occur if you have upgraded your java to Version 7. The solution is to revert back to Java V6.35. You should remove V7 and then reinstall from :
Windows :
Mac : Also it is worth unchecking the "Check for updates Automatically" option of Java in your Control Panel (Update Tab) to ensure the software stays at your current Version number. We believe this is a Bug in the new Java release and we are talking to Java about a solution. So until then please DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR JAVA at this time.
This new facility allows the use of unique passwords for one or a small group of images. It is aimed primarily at school or nursery shoots but may be used for any sensitive shoot that requires privacy. The system has extensive help in the form of an overview and individual program help. Because of the increased number of options and complexity it has been necessary to amend the method of choosing options from the Album index page. Have a look and if you have any additional suggestions as to the way it is working we would be glad to hear them.
In order to stay competitive with the current market trends, We are now offering an unlimited proofing account for only £23.99 (subject to our Terms and Conditions). This has been made possible as we moved our system to a new more cost effective server. You can upgrade using the option on your Photomemory Control Panel.