News and Updates- 2011

The Order Completion screen now has a "Special Instruction" box for the customer to optionally add any text message. This message is added to your order notification e-mail and the detailed order screen.
This new option displays the thumbnail images in a completely different way. It produces a dynamic montage thumbnail page that exactly fits the screen the viewer is using. The look and feel of the page is much more contemporary than the existing thumbnail page. To see an example have a look in the EXAMPLES option from the Photomemory Home page. The pop-up, large image page and online ordering function in the same way on both types of thumbnail page.
The Uploaded Album Index has a new button that allows you to Analyse the integrity and success of any album. It shows Hits, Upload information and Sales Order Total values. More information about the source of the calculations can be found on the actual report page.
The initial upload form has been reworked to make it easier to use and two additional options have been added. the first allows you to add a simple frame round thumbs and images. This was previously not variable by individual album. And secondly you can now add a drop shadow to the images being displayed. Click Here
The notification of a new online order may now be sent to two different e-mail addresses at the same time. This is useful when you are working with a Lab or other third party for printing. To activate it just add a second e-mail address in the Maintain Account details option under "CC E-Mail Address".
After a number of requests, the event date has been added to the detail order line . Also a PRINT PAGE option has been added that excludes all the unnecessary web page items and therefore saves your printer ink. For security it also excludes the Credit card number information.
As a few of you have already noticed the website has gone through a major design update. One of the major benefits is that all control panel functions are accessible form the bottom of all the different pages.If you see any problems let us know.
You can now change the colour scheme of your Portal, Album and Order pages at the touch of a button. There are currently 9 alternatives to choose from. You may change the look of your portal as often as you want.
Your portal page has changed. We think this new look is much more stylish and we have also increased the size of the thumbnail images so your visitors can find the album they want to view far more easily on Iphones and Ipads etc...
This is an extension to the shopping cart system that allows the upload editing and selling of ANY item. The facility could be very easily linked to your existing website or used with one of our DIY templates. This facility opens up the system to be used by anyone selling on the internet, not just photographers. As a Photographer you could use it to sell Gift Vouchers, take deposits, sell frames or even allow someone to book and pay for a complete wedding or portrait session. The creation of the Online Shop is all automatic and you can upload the items for sale with your current Photomemory Control Panel, IT IS FREE THERE IS NOTHING MORE TO PAY We understand it is sometimes difficult to understand exactly what is on offer and to help make this clear have a look at a Demo site we have produced for a Garden Plant supplier at This site is based on one of our DIY website templates but you could link the shopping cart to your existing website with no extra cost.
You can use the shopping Trolley items facility to sell Gift Vouchers, Training courses, Frames, Take Deposits, Albums, Key Rings, Tee Shirts, Landscape Pictures, Cars or actually anything you wish. The Online Shopping Trolley facility allows you to upload and set the price(s) for individual items and the customer is able to purchase them with one click. You can also add long descriptions for each item and optionally upload PDF files with more details The system will work for anyone who has something to sell online not just Photographers. To find out how it works, have a look in the F.A.Qs section on your Photomemory Control Panel under "How do I set up an on-line shop item ?"
The customer Order Process has been changes so as a customer can now add photographs from more than one album to the same order. This alleviates the confusing problem of the previous need to create separate orders when you have uploaded multiple albums for large events.
The Album index has been modified to make it easier to use. Functions such as deleting individual images and entering text are much easier to use.
Customers can now magnify the images that appears on the Pop-up screen by moving their cursor over the area they want to magnify. The effectiveness of this new facility is dependant upon the images you have uploaded. If you have purposely made them smaller than the recommended size (Max 1000 pixels on the largest side with a quality of 80%) the magnification definition will be reduced accordingly.
Yes !! - It is finally here. You can now define Discount codes for Offer Vouchers, Discount Vouchers or First Order Deposit returns. For Photographers that do not want them, nothing has changed and the ordering system is exactly as before. But for photographers that have defined at least one Offer Code on their Portal Page, the customer order will show a new box for the possible entry of an Offer code. There is a new function on your Portal page (With a red dotted border) that allows you to create offer codes by value or percentage and with a termination date. If a customer enters a code the value is shown on the customer order details page. Here's an idea - Why not move your on-line price list up by say 5% and then give everyone at the Event or Wedding a voucher with 5% off all orders ? or, maybe give the Bride/Groom and/or parents a discount code of 100% so as they can order pre-paid images for their albums from the internet.
Normally an uploaded Album will be deleted after 1 year. When this new option is ticked the album you are about to load will be placed in a different area to normal with the result that it will NEVER be deleted. This is useful for Albums such as "Local Venues" or "Example Weddings" etc... Be aware that when you upload a permanent Album, once it has been released it cannot be removed from public viewing by changing the 'see to date' as you would normally do for an Album. The only way to remove it is use the 'Delete the Entire Album' option within Image Maintenance