News and Updates- 2010

A number of photographers have asked that order history be kept for longer so as a full tax years worth of data is always available. To accommodate this, the system has been changed so as two full years of customer orders is now kept.
With some customers uploading over 500 albums in the year it has become necessary to amend the Manage your Albums index so as by default it only shows the last 30 days worth of uploaded albums. You can easily change this limit to 60 , 180 or ALL albums by simply clicking the options at the top of the list. Also, now there is an extra action button next to each album that allows you to add text to the images on any album.
The thumbnail sizes have been increased by 10%. This enhances the look of your thumbnail pages and also makes it easier for your customers to see them.
As part of the planned improvements you have seen recently today we upgraded the server to ensure the capacity is available for the growth and additional new features that will appear soon. Unfortunately like most changes to computer hardware, a number of unforeseen problems arose that meant the upgrade took longer than was originally estimated. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. We have spent considerable time checking that the transfer of information and programs to the new server has worked correctly. If you see anything that does not work as you expect please e-mail or call.
The watermarking operation has now been changed so as the watermark is added to the actual image fabric. The Watermark now consists of a copyright sign and your company name running multiple times horizontally across the image. Your Thumbs are also watermarked. We feel this ensures greater security for your images.
IMPORTANT - Unlike the previous 'dynamic' watermarking the opacity cannot be changed once the images are uploaded.
We are currently completing a FREE make over of your Header and Thumbnail pages. This is expected to be finished this week.
A new facility is released today that allows you to give selected clients the ability to add text to an uploaded album. the function is turned on within the upload and/or album maintenance programs.
The pop-up that appears when a thumbnail is clicked has been completely re-written. The viewer is now able to adjust the size of the pop-up and the contents will automatically re-align themselves, Also, it is possible to change the speed of the slideshow and access directly the checkout routine from within the pop-up.
We have had a bit of a 'spring clean' with the look of the website, this is only the prelude to a number of new facilities that will be made available very soon. Watch this space !