Latest News and Updates - 2015

Over the last year there has been a number of issues with the Java upload. To counter this, we have now introduced two new upload modules that do not need Java and therefore work on all the current Browsers. Upload modules now available are :

Java This method only works on Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). You need to download and install the Java Plugin before you use this option. (See the FAQ's on your Control Panel for more info on Java download). If you previously set the upload to automatically watermark your images, then the Java Plugin will add this to you images during the upload process.

Drag & Drop This method will work on the majority of modern browsers. However, it is not capable of adding automatic watermarks so you must add them yourself, using Photoshop or a similar product before uploading your images.

Flash This method works on the majority of older browsers. Again it will not add watermarks, so you need to add these yourself before uploading.

On 1st September Chrome have stopped supporting Java Applets which is the current method Photomemory us to upload images. The full explanation can be found on this link :
This means the Chrome browser cannot be used to upload images and will show the "jigsaw" image and say "This plugin is not supported"
In the short term we suggest you use Firefox or Internet Explorer when on windows or Firefox or Safari on Mac. Firefox can be downloaded free from :

In the long term we will explore the possibility of using a different method of image uploading.
WINDOWS 10 - Uploading issues
With the release of WINDOWS 10 there are issues with the use of Java. The problems differ dependant on which browser is being used. 

The first thing to do is to ensure that you are on the latest release of Java (Version 8 Update 51 or above) as only these versions have been approved by Microsoft for Windows 10.

I have found that with all browsers that do work you have to authorise the Java plug-in permission to execute the first time it is run.

The current sitiation is : -

1. Microsoft EDGE - This does not run Java and never will.
2. Microsoft internet Explorer version 11 (IE11). - Works fine with all aspects of Java and Photomemory.
3. CHROME  version 44 -  You will need to follow the procedure mentioned below on the 23-April-15 but then it works fine with all aspects of Java and Photomemory.
4. Firefox (Version 39) - Works fine with all aspects of Java and Photomemory.
5. Safari on Windows (Version 5.1.7) - Still under inverstigation.
With the latest version on Java (1.8.0_45-b14) when used on the Chrome browser it results in the "jigsaw" image and the error THIS PLUG IN IS NOT SUPPORTED.
To correct this error follow the following steps : -
1. In your URL bar, enter:chrome://flags/#enable-npapi
2. Click the Enable link for the Enable NPAPI configuration option.
3. Click the Relaunch button that now appears at the bottom of the configuration page.

Latest News and Updates - 2014

Policy Change for Free Allowance
We have changed our Free upload policy. As of the 1st November 2014 we have reducing the free upload allowance from 250 images to 100 images. However we are offering an alternative allowance of 600 images for the introductory price of only £4.99 per month billed every 3 months in advance. To take advantage of this offer - Go to your Photomemory Control Panel and choose the " Buy or Upgrade your Photomemory Package " option.
Credit Card Data Security
The security around a customer credit card information has been tightened. Firstly the credit card information on the order details screen will now automatically be removed after the order is 30 days old. Secondly the Order detail sceen will now stop displaying after 5 minuted instead of the previous limit of 10 minutes.
More Online Help
We have added online help to every item on the Photomemory Control Page. To see/hide the help just click the question mark at the end of each line.
New Website
It's here our new website. We're proud of it but are also happy to hear any ideas for improvement. Because of the complexity of completely rewriting the website, the public view has been tackled first and the customer control panel section will follow soon.
Customer Portal Upgrade
The Standard customer Album portal has been upgraded to a more modern design. It also now automatically adapts to the size of screen used to view it. As before there are 9 variants to choose from and you can amend your current portal by simple choosing your preferred colour combination from the "Change your Portal/Album/Order pages skin" option on your Photomemory Control Page.
Image Upload Size and Watermark Choice
You are now able to choose the maximum image size that are uploaded. They may be, in pixels, 500x500, 750x750 or 1000x1000 (this is the current size). Note that images are only re-sized when the original image size is more than the pixel size you have chosen. Also there are now 5 different styles of watermark to choose. It is also possible to adjust any of them be the opacity percentage.
Checkout Text Message
A new field has been added to the options section of the album upload information form. It consists of a free format text field that allows you to add information that will appear at the base of the Checkout form. This could be used for anything you want. For Example - "I'm on holiday until Friday the 8th of February so orders may take a little longer. or 'We have a great selection of wall frames from £10. Call for more information, etc..
Image Display Frame
Three new frame variations have been added to the Options section of the album upload from. They allow you to add deep white or graded white to grey large border and to have rounded corners on the image instead of square. Also, so as you can dynamically see what effect these and existing image frame option give you, a pop-up example of the image will appear when you first change any of the click boxes.
Spring Clean
I have finished a full website spring clean. You will notice a more contemporary look, Any comments are welcome.
Image Uploading
A new upload module has been installed. The change is needed to accommodate security changes made in the latest release of JAVA (version 7 Update 51). It results in the java window showing a small error message in red . You can check if you have the correct version and if not update it by running this link -
Once you have loaded the latest JAVA, ensure you : -
1. Close down the browser you use for Photomemory uploading.
2. Re-open it and clear ALL history.
3. Re-log onto your Photomemory Control Panel.
4, Try uploading again.
If you are still experiencing problems, please give us a call on 0845 868 2739.
A number of photographers have asked for a darker watermark. To this end a slightly larger, darker and outlined watermark has been added. The outline will ensure it is still visible on gray backgrounds/objects, You can of course still lighten the watermark with the existing 'Opacity %' option when entering a new album details.